a short film with the dance company „here we are“
Choreography & Directing: Anke Böttcher
Camera & Directing: Lilli Thalgott
Sound & Composition: Manuel Schwiers
Dancers :
Anne Schumacher, Farkunda Sekander Khan, Rebekka Diesenbacher, Ibrahim Erkara, Ilknur Nergiz, Julia Fortes, Lawrine Lartey, Maren Krüger, Ronja Kruckenberg, Samuel Krenz
Supported by:
Janice Parker - Workshop & Inspiration
Swanhild Kruckelmann - Fotografie
Thanks to
KurzfilmAgentur Hamburg
1. FC St. Pauli & Ben Himmelmann
Museum Bergedorf
MOM-ArtSpace im Gängeviertel
GWA St. Pauli Luise Rathmann
Karin Paltinat
Sigrid Wollmann
Anke Ostermann
Lothar Poppe
fokus!tanzperformance e.V.
Funded by
Kulturbehörde Hamburg
Aktion Mensch


Anke Böttcher is the choreographer and director of the inclusive dance company "here we are". Lilli Thalgott is a filmmaker and cinematographer. Selfie is their 4th joint project.The dance company "Here we are", of Elbe Workshops, developed from participation in Community Dance Days CanDoCanDance 2006/2007. Since then, the dancers have continuously developed their dancing potential and artistic self-image in weekly training and in regularly occurring performance projects.

In their inclusive projects they have created their own stage plays, two short films, and dance performances in cooperation with other sponsors. With each production, the group has broken new ground and developed its own profile in the interaction and confrontation with other arts and artists. In its structure and character the project is unique in Hamburg.


For two days, a former mail distribution hall became a dance and film location for the inclusive dance company "here we are". The result is an 7-minute short film that shows the dancers confrontation with the topic "cinematic selfie".