Direction, Editing and Montage: Yasmin Angel
Kamera: Stefan Eisenburger, Yasmin Angel, Frank Raatschen
Musik: Alexander Moyerer
Sounddesign: Robert Keilbar
Production: Blinker Filmproduktion GmbH and Boogiefilm In Cooperation with KHM Köln and Ifs Köln on behalf of WDR.


Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen 2013. (German Premiere)
IDFA International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam 2013. (International Premiere)
TIFF Kids. Toronto Canada 2014. (North America Premiere)
Feria Internacional de Cine Independiente, FECI Bogotá 2014. (Sudamerica Premiere)
Film Festival for children and youth Trampkach 2014. (Poland Premiere)
Japan Prize International Contest Tokyo Japan 2014. (Nominierung)
Prix Jeunesse 2014. (Nominierung)
16. cellu l’art Kurzfilmfestival. Jena Germany 2015.
Festival du Court Métrage Clermont-Ferrand. Filmmarkt German Short Films 2014.
Europäisches Symposium zum Kinderdokumentarfilm Köln 2014.
Weltmädchentag 2014.
Dokuma Filmfestival Makarska Croatia 2014.
Interfilm Berlin KUKI 2014.
Festroia Portugal 2014.
Atlantic Filmfestival for Youth. Halifax Canada 2004.
Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 2013.
Ozu Film Festival 2013. Italy
Duisburger Filmwoche 37. Doxs 2013
Filmfestival Münster 2013.
Kasseler Dokfest 2013.
22.dokument Art. European Filmfestival 2013
Kurzfilmtag Museum Ludwig. Kurzfilmfestival unlimited
Schulkino Woche Hessen 2013.


Jilou is a BGirl. When she was 13, she already took part in breakdance battles. Now she has passed her A-levels und thinks about what to study. Jilou takes us along to her training and battles where she often is the only woman.



Yasmin Angel was born in Bogotá, Colombia, in 1978. With the dream of being an astronaut, she studied physics, but broke off her studies after three years to turn to film and art. Her first art work was the photo exhibition «The Last Moment», exhibited in 2002 at the Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá. Since 2006 she lives in Germany. She passed her pre-diploma in Directing of fiction film and documentary at the University of fine arts of Hamburg. in 2016 she graduated from the University of Media Arts Cologne. In 2014 she was awarded the «Karl Miescher Preis» Between Film and Science from the University of Tübingen and was nominated for the award Prix Jeunesse. Her Films have been shown at International Film-festivals, such as International Documentary Filmfest Amsterdam (IDFA), TIFF, Oberhausen, Ozu( Oscar Qualified), Winterthur Filmfest and Max Ophüls Preis, among others. She ist currently preparing her Cinema debut film «Humanmakers» together with the production company Corso Films.


Nils Löfke mit Hä*Wie!? & Taet Vremya Kollektiv


Director: Nils Löfke mit Hä*Wie!? & Taet Vremya Kollektiv
Producer: Nils Löfke


Hä*Wie!? Kollektiv


The movement of everyday life is often so familiar to us that we barely consciously perceive it. Through repetition and alienation, our work is an attempt to make the seemingly familiar movements unfamiliar (and vice versa), driven by the question: "Who actually controls whom?"

In the video "people doing moves," created by the collectives Hä*Wie!? and Taet Vremya, a group of young men perform short movements. They use their bodies in unusual and witty ways, forming individual and social sculptures in space. The video is, in a way, an archive and accumulation of movement possibilities. With the intention to recognize movements that have relevance to an individual, the research investigates what a body can do.

The research with the naked body, objects, and groups – with and without causal relations – generates a practical discrimination and a value system. Inspired by the sense of value and the resulting consensus of movements, the collective questions contexts of various kinds with their created movements and addresses themes such as sexuality, spirituality and aesthetics.

The lapidary movements recorded in the video are inspired by the early works of Koki Tanaka, who examined the relationship between objects and actions, revealing their hidden potentials. In the video "people doing moves," the young men’s bodies or body parts function like Tanaka's objects. With repetitive sequences of motion, they generate new geometrical and often absurd forms and patterns. In addition to the body, its physical presence and its formability, the film is about the interaction and the extended possibilities of action in community.


Helen Hannak & Dina Schreiber


Helen Hannak – Director and Choreographer
Dina Schreiber – Director and project manager
Dancers – participants of “Mit TANZ zur Toleranz” workshops in Hamburg


~ Helen Hannak ~ and ~ Dina Schreiber ~ are the creators and the leading team of the project “Mit TANZ zur Toleranz”. Helen Hannak is an experienced dance teacher and a choreographer. She comes from Bremen and lives in Hamburg. Dina Schreiber is a project und arts manager. She comes from Riga, Latvia and also lives in Hamburg. They met at a dancing course in Hamburg 2015. Pretty soon the teacher-student relationship grew into a friendship. And not before long they already started working on their nonprofit dance project “Mit TANZ zur Toleranz”. The combination of zest for life & dance, the huge experience in dance education and the know-how in project and arts management are their moving forces in the further development of the project.


~ mit TANZ zur Toleranz ~ is a short documentary about the inclusive community dance project “Mit TANZ zur Toleranz” ( Eng.: Through dance to tolerance). It depicts the working process of the community dance workshops.


~ mit TANZ zur Toleranz ~ is a short documentary about the inclusive community dance project “Mit TANZ zur Toleranz” ( Eng.: Through dance to tolerance). The project started in fall 2018 as a workshop for a mixed group of hobby dancers with and without disabilities. After just one year it evolved into a broader programme that offers community dance workshops once per month. Essential characteristics of this Hamburg based dance programme are on the one hand the openness of the participants towards new experience with movement as such and with one another. On the other hand the coherence of the dancers is truly unique as the connection among them emerges at each workshop anew. Everyone who likes to dance is warmly welcome to take part at the “Mit TANZ zur Tolerance” workshops. The project is being sponsored by Nader Etmenan Foundation. The documentary presented at the TANZAHOi Festival 2020 is a depiction of the working process of the community dance workshops rather than a professional movie.