Hai-Wen HSU

Taiwan / France
TANZAHOi premier:
Friday 4.09.2020 19:00 - 20:30 CET


Ocean, water ripple, sound, siamese search a unity. A dancer goes on a journey in search of a body vanished from the radars of consciousness, seeking it’s faded memory. Under the broken walls and ruins, raises the misty words of the body.

Director statement:
For the last years, I lived, danced and traveled alone throughout France. The body is like another self, and it is always beside me. It is a storage place for memories. Every moment, the emotions and feelings are collected in layers of skin, bones and muscles. I started entering a dialogue with myself: shooting and recording my body, observing it and investigating the relationship between body and soul.


Director/ Hsu Hai-Wen
Assistant Director / Tsai Zhi-Jin
Screenplay / Hsu Hai-Wen
Actress of Director/Hsu Hai-Wen
Therapist/ Delphine Galien
Ana Dclaperrière
Director of Photography/ Hélène MOTTEAU
Assistant of D.O.P/ Arthur Anger
Lighting Technician/ Thibault Condy
Boom Operator/ Jérôme PETIT
Make-up artist/ Sabrina Turienzo Natal
Edited/ Hsu Hai-Wen
Colorist/ Jérémy Carteron
Huang Pang-Chuan
Sound Designer/ Rémi MENCUCCI
Sound Mixer/ Yannick DELMAIRE
Music compose/Thomas FOGUENNE


Presented in Taipei film Festival, Kaohsiung Film Festival, Le Festival international du film indépendant de Berck-sur-Mer.