finalist - FROSTBITE International Indie Fest (Colorado, USA)
finalist - Short Film Factory (Bucharest, EU)
selected - Film Fest by Rogue Dancer (North Carolina, USA)
selected - IDACO nyc - Italian DAnce Connection (New York, USA) edition canceled
selected - Medellín International Film Festival (Medellín, Colombia)
selecetd - Open Window International Film Challenge (Kolkata, India)
selected - Consonance Music and Dance Film Festival (Los Angeles, California, USA)
selected - On Art Poland (Warsaw, Poland, EU)
selected - A Lyte in the Dark (Princeton, New Jersey, USA)


Dancers: Rafael Cascón Alonso, Sara Cubillo González, Clara Manuela Fernández-Merino Gutiérrez, Blanca Martínez de Cossío, Sandra Navazo Bermejo, Laura Rubini Ceballos, Oziel Satrústegui Díez
Guest profesor: Yoshua Cienfuegos
Realizador: Sergi Gras
Música: Andrés Alonso
Singing voice: Nuria Descalzo
Color correction: Jose Fontes Alayón
Special Thanks: Amaya Iglesias Galán, Edurne Sanz Satrústegui, Francisco González Macias, Location: Escuela Profesional de Danza de Castilla y León
Centro ``Ana Laguna`` de Burgos


Sergi Gras Goñalons (Barcelona, 1980) starts his professional career in 2000
specialising over time in the technical production mainly of live shows,
an activity that has been carried out to date and that has combined with audiovisual creation within the documentary genre.


dance all the time

It is a modest approach to dance practice,
where the dancers in their last academic year live intensely the change of stage,
soon they will leave their dance school behind to try to join a professional company.

Pictures are stills taken from the film