Title: Errex
Performers and Co-Creators- Chris-Pascal Englund Braun, Niv Melamed, Errex
Concept and Choreography- Niv Melamed
Cinematography and camera- David Worm
Soundtrack Design and composition- Donato Deliano
Costume and Set Design- Angela Roudaut
Special Thanks to Rita Fürstenau, Alessia Ruffolo, Pia Huemer and Marcin Jan Wyschka for your artistry and support
With gratitude to Wolf and Errex


Born in the seaside of Haifa, Israel, Niv trained and taught Capoeira, acrobatics, and Afro-Brazilian dance before becoming a contemporary dance Artist. Niv has been a dancer at the Johannes Wieland Dance Company of Staatstheater Kassel, where he collaborated with choreographers Johannes Wieland (DE), Maxine Doyle (UK), Lenka Vagnerová (CZ), Helder Seabra (PT), and collaborated as a freelancer with Evangelos Poulinas (GR) and Ryan Mason (US), among others. Since 2017 Niv started creating short dance videos for b12, a Contemporary Dance festival in Berlin, which sparked a growing interest in film-making, visual story telling and editing as choreography. Niv is fascinated by humans, creation and the political function of body x choreography, a fan of empathy, and a lover of the desert.


A struggling man stumbles upon unexpected support from a nameless person while mysterious purple smoke starts to shroud their encounter.

What will it take to change your patterns 180°? When time blends and distracts now with later, how many laters later will you realize your new dawn? Who decides our thoughts- us or them? In our world, not far from now, a man caught in the rat race stumbles upon unexpected support from a nameless person. Under, over, or beyond, a faceless world is pulsating purple smoke unto the other. The two characters are caught in a struggle with ambiguous intentions as the realms entangle offering new horizons to be found.

Photos are stills taken from the film