Dancer/ Movement by: Max Day, Alexandre Bourdat, Amélie Olivier, Antonello Sangirardi, Océane Robin, Miguel Altunaga Verdecia Jr.
Directed by: Nauris Buksevics
Produced by: Chris Milbourne, Nauris Buksevics, Antonello Sangirardi
Director Of Photography: Nauris Buksevics
Sound by: Nauris Buksevics, Callum Brown
Behind The Scenes by: Callum Brown
Edited by: Nauris Buksevics
Music by: The Tower Of Light


Founder and director of a London based production name, Poetry Film Productions, since 2015. After graduating a film production course in Brighton City Collage in 2014, he began his exploration into contemporary, performance arts and sports video content creation. As a full-time freelance videographer his work spans across documentary and short film, medium format film, as well as promotional films for social media platforms. Within a few years his production name has created compelling content for clients such as BBC Arts, Rambert Dance Company, Ballet Black Dance Company, Yuul Yie high-end contemporary shoe label brand to just name a few.
Born in June, 1986. and raised in Latvia, he spent time in his early adulthood in Canada in year 1999.-2000., before making the move to England in 2010. Through these experiences he had the privilege of being exposed to cultures rich in heritage and arts, which all have influenced him as an artist and informs his practice as a filmmaker till this day.


Dancers take the streets of London, just hours before the lock-down to display, interpret and perform, what turned out later to be the last time in a long time due to the upcoming global uncertainty at the time of COVID-19 pandemic.

Director Statement:
We all felt it, we all still feel it, we all live it at some point in time.
Virus, is a reflection of that time before, during and beyond lock-down effected by the deadly pandemic.
I wanted to express and use movement art as free for interpretation language of body to reflect and illustrate the emotions of individuals going through this time. It's a wordless chemistry that doesn't need further explanation. Only a ""Play"" button.

Photos are stills from the film