Director: 江峰 Jiang Feng
Cinematographer: Gabriela Hnizdo
Music: Reed Shih-Hsin Liu 劉時新


江峰 Jiang Feng is a non-gendered and multi-disciplinary artist working across-genres in movement/dance, theatre, voice, text, modeling, film, photography and theory. He attained her B.A. in English and Chinese literature from National Taiwan University in 2016. They are the receiver of the 2015 R.O.C. Government Fellowship to study and research dance abroad and “Grants for 20-40-Year-Old Writers” from Ministry of Culture in Taiwan.
Since August 2016, He has resided in Brooklyn, New York. They are currently pursuing an M.F.A. degree in Performance and Performance Studies at Pratt Institute. His performance works have been presented at various venues, including Itinerant Performance Art Festival, Movement Research at the Judson Church, ""Thinking Its Presence"" conference hosted by the University of Arizona, Exponential Festival, Dance Research Forum Ireland and HOT! Festival at Dixon Place. In Taiwan, she has worked with emerging choreographers Shiou Fen Li and KoYang Chang, and has performed at the National Theater and Concert Hall, NTU Center for the Arts, Nadou Theatre, amongst other venues.
In 2018, they were selected to be the performer of the work “Wall-Floor Positions” in the MoMA retrospective ""Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts."


What are sex and the sexual/sensual body? This work offers the audience empathic experiences of the tactile and aural sensation with the sensual choreography of the body and skin, re-imagining and re-defining human sexuality. What is dance? How can it be captured and appreciated in a different way?
Our body is a sexual organ.
Our body is our sex.

Director Statement:
The fundamental inspiration for my work is love, its beauty and complexity, while thematically, my work revolves around questions of gender, sexuality, sex, and race. I draw from the different vocabularies of street, modern, and contemporary dance and movement. Further, as an interdisciplinary artist, I turn to the tools offered by multiple media to enrich and deepen my works. I create artwork as a process for healing and questioning. Setting out to disrupt, I always want to create something different from what people have seen before by challenging social norms and our perceptions of them.
My process as an artist and creator is that I always wait to be inspired in/by life. First I see one thing, I reflect on it, gather and accumulate information, and then I start to address it. I need to ensure my creative impulses and passions have a truth to them and that I have enough understanding, courage, and vocabulary to address the questions raised. Then I embark on finding the right themes, symbols, techniques, forms, and tones for the works. I am always looking for new and innovative elements. I draw on theory from academic and non-academic works and think hard. I expect myself to be not only an artist but also a thinker.
The ideology of my works is ""Family-unfriendly.""

Photos are stills taken from the film