Niv Melamed

Israel / Germany
TANZAHOi premier:
Sunday 6.09.2020 19:00 - 20:30 CET


A struggling man stumbles upon unexpected support from a nameless person while mysterious purple smoke starts to shroud their encounter.

What will it take to change your patterns 180°? When time blends and distracts now with later, how many laters later will you realize your new dawn? Who decides our thoughts- us or them?

In our world, not far from now, a man caught in the rat race stumbles upon unexpected support from a nameless person. Under, over, or beyond, a faceless world is pulsating purple smoke unto the other. The two characters are caught in a struggle with ambiguous intentions as the realms entangle offering new horizons to be found.


Title: Errex
Performers and Co-Creators- Chris-Pascal Englund Braun, Niv Melamed, Errex
Concept and Choreography- Niv Melamed
Cinematography and camera- David Worm
Soundtrack Design and composition- Donato Deliano
Costume and Set Design- Angela Roudaut
Special Thanks to Rita Fürstenau, Alessia Ruffolo, Pia Huemer and Marcin Jan Wyschka for your artistry and support
With gratitude to Wolf and Errex