Director: Emma Cianchi
Writer: Emma Cianchi
Producer: Art Garage


Choreographer and Artistic Curator for the dance season of Teatro Bellini Napoli - Artistic Director C.ia Artgarage / IF0021
Co- artistic director and choreographer of the Borderline Company 1999 - 2011
Choreographer for Korper Company
She studied Nikolais technique at Dance-Dance in Naples, a technique that develops an excellent ability of improvisation and composition, as well as developing an accurate investigation of the scene in every detail.
These studies continued at Dance Florence and Imago Lab in Florence. She then rounded her skills abroad in Paris, Amsterdam and Vienna.
She studied with Susanne Linke, Carolin Carlson, Murray Louis, Domenique Mercier, Ivan Wolfe, Beatrice Libonati, David Zambrano, Antonella Bertoni, Michele Abbondanza, and many other great masters of the international dance scene.
She has always been passionate about cinema during her training, specializing in video dance and Physical Cinema with Lutz Gregor and Isabel Rocamora.
In 2003, together with Veronica Grossi, she founded ArtGarage, a center for the production and training of contemporary performing arts.


"Here and now" is the literal translation of this famous Latin phrase attributed to Horace.
Used by several philosophical currents, it assumes meanings with different nuances, all
of which can be traced back to a simple thought: all our actions are performed here and now, in the immediacy of the present; the past and the future, however important, are memories, time flows inexorably and life is here and now. A straight line, an abandoned place in which past lives echo, a sequence plan to say that the present is the only dimension in which one really lives.

Photos are stills taken from the film