Helsinki - Finish 60secondsdance prize ceremony 8.4.2018 - 1st price
Trondheim- Norwegian 60secondsdance prize ceremony 14.4.2018 - 1st prize
Copenhagen - Danish 60secondsdance prize ceremony 22.4.2018
Tampere - Tampere Dance Current 22.5./25.5./27.5.
Genova - Stories We Dance/Fuori Formati 2018 (International Section) 29.6.2018 - Prize for best choreography


Kaukonen- Silence Festival 6.-10.6
Malmö - Malmöfestivalen 17.8
Oregon - Life Screen Festival 29.9
Graz - Danceonscreen Festival 9./11.11
Tourcoing - Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts Contemporains 12.11
Prilep - Winter Apricots - Prilep International Film Festival 14./15.12
Stockholm - Stockholm Dansfilmfestival 2018 15.12
Cagliary - Breaking 8 Festival 19.12

Budapest - DuoFestivalHungary 09.-12.1
Athens - Athens Video Dance Project 18.-20.1
San Francisco - 7th Annual Tiny Dance Film Festival 23.-24.3
szerpentindancefilm 26.4
Lago Film Fest 19.–27.7
Festival Valencia 18.-20.10
Vesterås Dance Film Festival
In Shadow Dance Film Festival


Antoinette Helbing is a German dance artist based in Copenhagen. Her choreographic practice is driven by a curiosity towards the physicality and choreography of social life. She looks at social life with inquisitive eyes: Decoding communication - Unfolding physical behavior - Alienating human conditioning. Often the work turns out rather humorous, sometimes provocative and always investigating the human body. Her works are touring both nationally and internationally (Holland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Norway, Greenland, Faroe Islands and the Philippines). In collaboration with the film artist Jan Vesala she created the award winning movies “BANG”, “Re-Dream” and “AFTERLAUGHTER”. Next to her choreographic practice she performs in works from Åben Dans Productions, Andreas Constantinou, Tina Tarpgaard, MYKA and Kitt Johnson. As part of her wide teaching practice she gives professional classes, workshops and she’s a guest teacher in dance and theatre education.


A man and a woman exploring closeness - and the ambiguity of its different aspects. BANG is a dance movie about the difficult search of intimacy in a mechanical and ineffective choreographic structure.

Photos by Jan Vesala