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International Dance Festival

Dates for 2020 coming soon!


Shared Levitation Repertory*

with Marion Sparber & Alan-Fuentes Guerra 

13.9 Fr. 20:15 – 21:45
14.9 Sa. 17:00 – 19:00
15.9 So. 17:00 – 19:00

@ Gymhalle

This is a workshop for advanced and professional level focussing in Partnering Choreography and the creative process involved. It would be recommended to take the Partnering principles workshop before as a preparation and warm up.

This workshop focuses on fixed material. We will teach extracts of our duet „Porzellan-Haus“ which include all our partnering tools. Inside the material we shift between being lifted and lift our partner and go deep in the action/reaction principles of partnering.

We will give specific ideas and directions and at the same time motivate each couple to aim for their own quality and approach to the choreography. Adding to the set material we give space for creativity.

By using the structure of the given material each couple transforms the choreography into something new: adding repetition, changing roles, playing with the use of space and dynamics, creating characters and a storyline as well as adding their own knowledge of partnering into the set frame. These are all tools we will play with.

Each couple will be coached by us on the technical execution of the material as well as the creative part of their new version. This workshop is meant to help experienced dancers in their process as choreographers and aims to inspire them to create partnering material as a tool for communication.

*for professional dancers or advanced dancers

photos from Tanya Mod