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International Dance Festival

Dates for 2020 coming soon!


Experimental Program II* – Collision and flow

with Damien Fournier,
danced in eastman, sidi larbi cherkaoui

13.9 Fr. 18:30 – 20:00

@ Turnhalle

Each creation in which I have participated was the space within rich discovery, a singular transformation and a unique expression. This is owed to the diversity of artistic proposals and the multitude of inspiring artists I’ve shared the stage with, including circus artists, contemporary dancers, tango dancers, Shaolin kung-fu monks, and people with hearing impairment. I created over time a link between those various influences. This step by step experience helped me to open my entire perception of the world, to develop a sensitive approach to my body and release my mind in an artistic and human way.

As the mirror of those links, I will propose to the participants a glimpse of what I find interesting.

We will focus on finding freedom in movement, taking the attention to breath in order to recycle energy and use the body efficiently. Certain images and dynamics will be introduced in order for the individual to discover their own personal responses and fullest potential within a structured frame. Through an open and process-driven atmosphere, I will slowly encourage theatrical inputs and images to give meaning to movement, using specific energies and clear images to enhance creativity and physicality.

We will learn small phrases from several repertoire pieces. Each participant will then be invited to create their own material as well as develop and transform these taught repertoire phrases. We will also explore the ideas behind the themes of the piece’s creation, and each individual will be encouraged to create their own responses to the tasks that are set.

*for professional dancers or advanced dancers