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Damien Fournier

danced in Sidi Larbi CHERKAOUI

Workshops: Collision and flow I & Collision and flow II*

Damien graduated from CNAC (Centre national des arts du cirque /France) where he specialized in partnering, acrobatics and dance. During his studies he began to develop a personal style between dance and acrobatics. In his work as a teacher, Damien conveys the technical know-how as well as how to be sensitive and emotionally involved when performing.

Throughout his career, Damien has been a part of more than 37 productions. He worked with Josef NADJ, Helder Seabra, Kitsou DUBOIS, Damien JALET, and Alexandra Waierstall among others. His biggest collaboration is with Sidi Larbi CHERKAOUI. During the twelve years he worked with the company, Damien performed in the award-winning shows “Babel (words)” and “Puz/zle”. He has also danced in « Myth », « Sutra », the movie « Anna Karenina » and « Milonga ».